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The Art of Touring Cars in the Rain

Touring cars are an interesting breed. It might be compared to something along the lines of a demolition derby combined with a professional racing series. The cars are mightily tough, and the drivers are usually looking for a fight with someone else in the field. The result is a series with lots of contact, lots of action and is wildly popular with the British public. Sounds like fun to me!

So with that knowledge, and after a very restless nights sleep in the back of my Audi after shooting Britcar 24 at Silverstone (see this post), I headed for Rockingham speedway!! The weather forecast, if I’m honest, was not promising. Of course being prepared for all weather conditions is part of the job, but this was going to turn into something else entirely. At least the racing would be exciting!

Rockingham is known far and wide among photography circles for not being the prettiest of English race tracks. Though BTCC would not be running the full oval, they would be using a good 1/3 of it before heading off for a twisting winding tour of the Rockingham infield. It’s an interesting layout. And the cars used every inch of the track to bump and shove each other around during the three races of the day.

Overall, even despite the torrential downpours, I loved British Touring cars. It is like nothing I’ve ever photographed. It was fast paced, fun, colorful and entertaining on every level.

MANY thanks to Gary, Matt, Rockingham speedway, BTCC, and

All images © Jamey Price 2012. All rights reserved.

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