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What makes a skateboard durable?

Many skaters look for a skateboard which can be used for a long time. So what makes a skateboard durable? In this post, we would like to provide some tips for that wonder. Try accessing SkateAdvisors where there are a huge collection of skateboarding articles and posts.

Generally, a skateboard can last from 6 months to around 2 years. Its lifespan is affected by factors like the quality of the board, how you use and maintain it and other below factors.

The condition of weather

You should avoid skating on rainy days as water can harm your skateboard. The metal parts will rust when they have a contact with rainwater. Hence, you should clean your skateboard properly or skate on sunny days.

Your frequency

Each type of skater will have each skating frequency. In particular, the pro skaters tend to skate for many hours per day. Their board will last around a few months or just a week. The starters tend to skate for fun or for exercises; hence, they don’t ride at high frequency. Their board will last up to 2 years, or at least for half a year. Daily skaters who use their board as their vehicle will not perform tricks; therefore, their boards can be replaced after 2 to 4 years.

The place you skate

If you skate on rough terrains, your wheel will easily wear out. Thus, you should skate on flat terrains.

Quality of the skateboard

It is crystal clear that poor quality skateboards cannot have a long lifespan like good quality skateboards. Usually, the skateboards with good quality will cost more than skateboards with normal or low quality.

There are factors affecting the lifespan of your skateboard. If you want to know how to keep your skateboard in a good condition, browse through SkateAdvisors.

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