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Canadian Grand Prix 2013

I love the irony of a scenic island park, lined with trees in the middle of the fast flowing St. Lawrence river in Montreal, combined with the insane decibel level, high octane, billion dollar industry of Formula One. One minute you could be sitting quietly leaning against a tree listening the water flowing by with the birds chirping above you and a groundhog nibbling not 10 feet away, and the next minute your ears are painfully ringing as Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel floors the accelerator letting loose 750 horsepower from his V8 engine.

But that is the what makes the Canadian Grand Prix so wonderful. The irony, the beauty, the power, the fast paced dance of Grand Prix racing on the narrow treelined roads of this island motorsport paradise

There are a few races left on the F1 calendar that might be considered classic venues. Montreal’s Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is certainly one of them. I’ve been to this track before, for the NASCAR Nationwide race last August, but I had never been to Montreal for the Formula One race itself. It didn’t disappoint. Though the weather for most of the weekend was less than desirable, the sun finally showed it’s face on Sunday morning as the fans poured in from around the world to watch this million dollar drama play out. Words cannot describe this track and the atmosphere on a Grand Prix weekend. So I’ll let the photos do the work for me.

THANK you to James, Russ, Laurent, Rainier, Andy, Adam, Will,  Emily and so many others for the never ending laughs and good times. Thank you to Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for a perfectly run weekend, and a special thank you to the marshals who volunteer to do a dangerous job.

© Jamey Price /James Moy Photography 2013

**Please share. Please comment. Please email. But PLEASE be respectful of my work. Don’t steal images. I do this for a living!**

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