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Have you ever wondered how to get involved or learn more about motorsport photography or simply want to improve your photography skills? 


JAMEY PRICE and DREW GIBSON are professional motorsport photographers, each with more 10 years experience in the industry and have covered Formula 1, World Endurance Championship, IMSA, WRC, NASCAR, MACAU, INDYCAR and  MOTOGP and have worked with clients such as Bentley, Ford, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Toyota, Ferrari and many more.

Together they jointly host "Paddock Focus" workshops where they aim to educate photographers with their passion for racing by sharing their experience and knowledge of the industry and of photography.

You can follow @jameypricephoto and @drewgibsonphoto on social media to see more of their work. 



This in-depth workshop is a beginners guide to getting a foot in the motorsport industry. 


This 3 hour workshop is everything you need to advance starting with how to apply for credentials, how to find clients, and how to price your work in a competitive field. 

*SPECIAL GUEST* PR Extraordinaire Rebecca Jones joined Jamey and Drew during the workshop to talk about the things to think about when working for a big client or manufacturer, and how to handle a complicated shot list. 


This workshop was held on May 8, 2021 and is available to watch NOW as a stream and is approximately 3 hours in length. 




The key to making stand out images is to truly understand photography and your camera, and how to best use it.


From  equipment to shutter speeds, proper exposure, slow shutter speed panning and composition, Jamey and Drew will be covering everything you need to know about understanding photography from a basic level.

This workshop was held on July 3, 2021 and is available to watch NOW as a stream and is approximately 2.5 hours in length. 


In Episode 3 of Paddock Focus, we will guide you through our workflow, from the ingest of a memory card, to sorting through thousands of images ready for processing. How we do it quickly and efficiently so our clients get the right picture at the right time. 

We'll tell you how to choose between images, what to look out for in a 'winner' and what dictates if a picture is for the bin. We'll run through our software we use, what decides if an image is suitable for a client and how to prioritize your workflow.


Whether you're a pro struggling to choose between similar frames for your clients, or an enthusiast who's just a bit lost returning from the track with thousands of unedited pictures, this episode is for you! 


*Note we will not cover our retouch / editing techniques in this episode. There is plenty of screen sharing as we show you our RAW pictures and how we choose which images make it as 'winners'.

Episode length: 3 Hours

This workshop was held on April 19, 2022 and is available to watch NOW as a stream and is approximately 3 hours in length. 

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