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My life is lived on the road. Airports Hotels. Race tracks. Rinse and repeat. GO GO GO. Constantly. That's photography. That's being self employed. That's being an entrepreneur. No one is bringing me my next paycheck. No one is covering my mortgage or health insurance. No one is giving me paid time off. I wouldn't trade that self employed freelance life for the world, but these past few months have also been challenging and a struggle like I never imagined, and it is far from over.

The world came to a grinding halt thanks to COVID-19 this spring. For me, it felt like the world stopped spinning. My passion, my living of covering car racing, was suddenly and completely stopped dead in it's tracks. In the span of one week, I lost about $45,000 worth of racing / automotive business. Some of it has been postponed, a lot of it was just straight canceled.

BUT let's look at the bright side! What has this pandemic given me? Well, maybe I needed a break? Maybe my family needed the break with me! For all of us to spend time together. We've had pool days. Beach days. We've gone on countless walks and bike rides around the neighborhood. We've grown closer with our new neighbors. We've had weekly concerts with those neighbors in the street. We've enjoyed a beautiful spring and summer in the Carolinas. I've spent time fly fishing, and camping too. Caught two of the biggest fish I've ever landed on a fly rod. I've even had some decent work coming in too. All locally of course.

This will be my last blog before I go "back to work." IMSA is racing again at Daytona July 4 weekend and I am hugely grateful they are allowing a select few of us to cover the race. While the pandemic has been a disaster for the global economy, for people as individuals, for small businesses, and of course the families who have lost loved ones to the virus as it continues to kill hundreds of thousands. It's been a nightmare. But I also think anyone who travels for a living, and has made it from one side to the other with our health, can be thankful for the time at home, and a break from the grind.

Here are a few of my favorite images I've made for various clients since March. Thanks to all of them for keeping food on the table, and the lights on in the Price house. OFF TO DAYTONA!!!!!! WEAR YOUR MASKS!

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