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NASCAR’s Gladiators

NASCAR fans are absolutely rabid for any amount of interaction they can get with their heroes & their villains on the banked tarmac ovals. These motorsport gladiators travel from one sleepy town to the next, week in and week out for much of the year, all for the sake of entertaining the common man.

NASCAR puts on a show. Of that there is no doubt. But it’s easy to forget that there are people behind the visor and behind the sponsor decals.

As I’ve done more work in NASCAR, I’ve really enjoyed getting to “know” the drivers and their personalities. They are just regular people, with regular people problems. They have good days and bad days…just like the rest of us.  You learn who is easy to work with. Who isn’t. But they’re all just people doing a job. Here are some of my favorite people images (and a few action images) from the Bojangles Southern 500 from Darlington SC.

As always, thank you the Getty photographers who are incredibly talented and ALWAYS good for a laugh. And thanks to Bojangles for the awesome food 🙂 

Images © Jamey Price/Getty Images. 

**Please share. Please comment. Please email. But PLEASE be respectful of my work. Don’t steal images. I do this for a living!**

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