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NASCAR’s Got Talent

Job Description: If you like shooting at high ISOs, on “quiet mode” at slow shutter speeds in pitch black darkness and 13 hour days….then tv and movie behind the scenes still photography is your kind of gig!

Don’t take the above as complaining. I thoroughly enjoyed the 5 days in January I spent on set shooting stills for five different NASCAR TV commercials (which will run this year at various points). It was fascinating learning about videography, lighting, making a major film/commercial with a full set of hundreds of people all doing something uniquely different to make the wheels turn.

NASCAR’s best came in for short stints in front of the camera while the director did his best to guide, prompt and prod these race car drivers into becoming tv stars. Though I will not name names (for obvious reasons), some drivers were absolutely natural, funny, comfortable and even talented working in front of a camera. Others, left something to be desired in both acting talent, patience and and willingness to work toward the end goal. Overall, it was a fascinating process.

My job was literally to document the behind the scenes action going on on set and tell a story about what it was like working with the crew filming these tv spots. So, here they are. Past, Present and Future NASCAR champions in front of the camera.

Links to the finished commericials are at the bottom of the page…..

Special thanks to the cast and crew, Mike, Mike, Patrick and Getty Images.


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