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A Week with Rich Clarkson

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Strobing a motocross rider with 8 Nikon speedlights. Shot on a D3s and a 14-24mm lens.

I spent a fantastic week at Rich Clarkson’s sports photography workshop in Colorado Springs. The people who put on this workshop are truly exceptional in every way. I wont name drop, but if you’ve ever seen a sports photo, you would know the instructor’s names. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to the shooters and staff for their patience, humility, sense of humor and genuine love for helping others.

Our mornings were spent listening to the instructors giving slideshows of their work or helpful industry tips to be successful. That was then followed by an hour or so of anonymous image critiques from the day before.

Following critiques, the afternoon was ours to shoot wherever we could find a sporting event or practice. Colorado Springs is known for hosting the Olympic training Center so we had access to quite a few Olympic teams in training along with a variety of other local sports.

Evenings were often highlighted by two of the instructors would do a slideshow of some of their favorite images they’ve made throughout their careers. The subjects ranged from personal pets, to harrowing Vietnam battles, the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the presidential campaign of Bobby Kennedy. Truly awe inspiring work.

Special thanks to Nikon Professional Services for letting us beat up their loaner equipment all week.

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