There’s something beautifully artistic about Formula 1 at Monza. The nimble cars dance their way around the tree lined circuit at speeds of over 200 miles per hour with screaming V8 engines singing their powerful notes at a limited 18,000RPM to the chanting from some of the most passionate fans on Earth.

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso made the hopes and dreams of the Italian squad’s following, the tifosi, come true on Saturday by putting his car on pole during a stunning qualifying lap. The Spaniard then firmly reignited his championship chances by winning rather dominantly on Ferrari’s home soil on Sunday to the delight of hundreds of thousands who came out to the historic racing circuit to cheer on their team.

Now enjoy my photos from the Italian Grand Prix…then enjoy the photos from some of my favorite F1 photographers (linked below).

Darren Heath, Andrew Hone, Peter J Fox, Lorenzo Bellanca, James Moy, and Sutton Images

Monza is the spiritual home of Ferrari with the team's headquarters being less than 200k away in Maranello.

Body work of the Torro Rosso F1 chassis.

A fan holds up a signed Jenson Button picture during an autograph session on Thursday afternoon.

A curious Ferrari fan takes a peak over the crowd hoping to catch a glimpse of a Ferrari driver.