An Old New One

I always enjoy going to a new race track. It’s like going to a popular restaurant; One you’ve heard lots about, but have never been to yourself. You know what’s on the menu. Long straights. Fast corners. Colorful guardrails. But it’s all new to me.

I’ve stared at this hypothetical menu that Watkins Glen could dish up for years. I’ve raced it on various consoles and have watched the races on tv. But I’ve never seen it for myself.

It’s one of those tracks that makes up the creme of the North American crop. Much like a few others in the USA, it’s a relic from an era of racing long gone. It’s held a Grand Prix round, it is still a NASCAR venue and of course this weekend, it is sportscar track. It has seen a little bit of everything. But this particular weekend in June, it hosted round 3 of the Tequila Patron North American Endurance Cup. A six hour dog fight around the rolling hills of rural New York… the rain.

I would like to thank Andrew and David Palmer, Road & Track, Blackbird, Lexar and Tenba for their continued support. 

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