Second Last

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The Super Trofeo season is winding down. Of the six tracks Lamborghini visits in North America, this may be one of the most challenging. Road Atlanta is unforgiving, fast and has no runoff. It’s a “driver’s track”; And it’s one of my favorites.

Of course I was disappointed in looking at the weather forecast for the week. Road Atlanta always makes for incredible images when the sun is shining in early October. We even had one early morning session, and one late afternoon race. But this week was not playing out in our favor. With one day of dry sunny practice, the clouds quickly gathered and we spent the rest of the weekend under grey skies with some rain thrown in at the end. Ultimately the weather, and lack of dramatic light forced me to take a different approach to covering the series.

Any monkey can take a picture of a race car on track. What is more challenging, and arguably more enjoyable, is capturing the personalities that make the series what it is. It is a group of people, that as I have said many times before, I consider to be family. I cheer for them when they have a victory, I try to give as many as I can a fist pound or high five before the race, and a slap on the back when it all goes to shit out on track.

Lamborghini Super Trofeo heads to Sebring in November for our season finale….and the World Championships! Personally, I think the European teams are in for a shock when they see the bumpy fast airstrip that North American cars and drivers know so well. This could be interesting with the number of cars I hear may be running.

Thanks, as always to Lamborghini, O’Gara Motorsport, Prestige Performance, Joe, Chris, Martin, Lexi, Kerry, Andrea, Peter and Molly, Lish and all the catering staff that make the weekend go.