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Future Champion

Some drivers have that extra “something”. It’s something that you can’t put your finger on. It’s a confidence. A swagger. An ability to throw a race car into a corner and not only know it will stick, but you can keep your foot on the gas harder than anyone else. 

The list of current and past Formula One stars that owe their career starts to British F3 is staggering. The biggest names you’ve ever heard of in motorsport probably got their beginning with this open wheel series.

Jack Harvey is the next generation of racing star. The two British F3 races that I photographed this weekend, this young British driver was totally dominant over the field. He didn’t put a foot wrong. As a result, he claimed the championship and cemented himself as someone to watch for the future. And doing so in the presence of Martin Whitmarsh, team principle for Mclaren Mercedes F1 team, is not a bad thing either.

All Images © Jamey Price/LAT. All Rights Reserved.

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