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Kimi Raikkonen is the 2007 Formula One World Champion. His quiet demeanor,  ability to handle any kind of race car and his never show emotion attitude has earned him the name of Iceman. A nickname emblazoned across his helmet, cars, and much of his official merchandise. Since leaving Formula One at the end of 2009 after a lackluster season with Ferrari, Raikkonen has been enjoying himself driving in the World Rally Championship. But as ever, a racing driver is never satisfied.

Raikkonen decided he wanted to try NASCAR and rather than jump in with the big boys in the Sprint Cup series, Raikkonen earned himself a seat with Kyle Busch Motorsports driving their second car which was entered for his first race at Charlotte Motorspeedway in the North Carolina Education Lottery 200 for Friday May 20.

With a poor showing in two practice sessions and qualifying run, Raikkonen lined up on the grid 30th position with no where to go but forward. Surprisingly, after a rough early stint in the race, Raikkonen began gaining positions and finally wound up 15th place when the chequered flag waved.

When asked in the media room whether he would continue driving in the NASCAR series, Raikkonen responded in typical fashion “If I completely suck here, there’s no reason to come back.” True words Kimi, but you didn’t suck. Raikkonen is entered for a Nationwide series race at Charlotte on Saturday May 28 and according to reports, a Sprint Cup drive may not be far behind.

So here are the photos from the North Carolina Education Lottery 200 and NASCAR Sprint Cup practice sessions.

Many thanks go out to the Charlotte Motorspeedway media professionals, photographers and Sutton-Images for the opportunity to represent them.

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