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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

“Behind every swipe and like, there is a photograph, and behind every photograph there is a story to be told.” - JAMEY PRICE

I said those words once upon a time in the very first FRAMES documentary from 2017. But taking it one step farther, "behind every story to be told, there is a human being, standing there trackside with a camera in hand, making decisions on what settings to use, what lens to use, what direction to point the camera." The camera is only doing what the artist tells it to do.

Motorsport photographers are the backbone of the history and story telling of racing. 'We' have been standing trackside since the very first race was raced in the early 1900's, and every day since. We are leaning against the armco (calm down you health and safety nuts, I'm speaking metaphorically), we are in the garages, we are on pitlane and we are under the podium. We laugh and cry and celebrate alongside our clients and friends. We are documenting the history of racing for our clients to share in press releases, social media and in press, but all of it for you to see and experience the race as if you were standing there next to us. Ultimately that is what the point of photography is. To document, so others can understand.

Despite what many on social media believe, racing isn’t JUST about the world of Formula 1. Many motorsport photographers like myself cover a variety of racing series during a given year. They are men and women, from all corners of the globe and they use every camera brand under the sun from Canon to Nikon to Sony and Fuji. Most of these photographers, you have seen their work before; You just might not know it was their photo.

In alphabetical order, this is just a small list of people who inspire me and ALSO make a living (ie a *full time* income) from covering motorsport through photography. If this is overwhelming to you, IT SHOULD BE! There are a lot of talented racing photographers out there. And these are just some of them that I've met along the way.

If I forgot you, apologies. It was alot to try and remember everyone.

List updated July 12, 2023.

Want to learn more about becoming a Professional Motorsport Photographer? Check out the Paddock Focus Workshop Series I host! - > LINK

If you have a recommendation to add, feel free to drop it in the comments.

*please only share those photographers (NOT VIDEOGRAPHERS) that make a full time living from racing photography*

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