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To get a better idea of what a portfolio critique looks and feels like, please watch this short video sample from real reviews I've done previously.

Having someone with experience to look at and constructively critique your work or your photography portfolio is a great way to learn and become a better photographer. Simply due to the number of requests I recieve on social media for me to review and give my thoughts on images, I simply cannot give everyone the time they deserve. If I did it for one person for free, I'd have to do it for everyone.

If you are seriously interested in having me 'critique' your images or portfolio, I will happily do so! Basically you are buying me dinner for my time to help you be a better photographer, or at least have someone else's perspective. I take this responsibility very seriously, and look at every image you send with care and consideration.

Please understand, that this is meant to help you learn. I won't be harsh, but I will be honest on what you did right, but more importantly, what you did wrong. So that you can be better the next time you go out taking photos. I'm not the best photographer in the world, nor am I perfect, but I do have considerable experience in the field of professional photography and can help you learn.

If you are interested in having me review your set of images from a race, or your photography portfolio, please check out this link to purchase. Instructions will be emailed to you to send me the files to look at.

About Jamey - Having worked as a professional motorsport photographer for more than 10 years across 19 different countries and covering series from MotoGP, NASCAR, Indycar, IMSA, SRO, 24 hours of Le Mans and World Endurance Championship and nearly 50 Formula 1 races for some of the biggest clients in the motorsport world, Jamey's experience and portfolio earned him the title of 2019 National Motorsport Press Association Motorsport Photographer of the Year along with multiple award winning images and accolades during his ten year career as a professional motorsport photographer.

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Nov 01, 2023


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