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The Augusta National of Race Tracks

Barber Motorsports Park, right on the outskirts of Birmingham Alabama, is a giant garden with flowers, manicured shrubs, sculptures and rose bushes almost as far as the eye can see. But smack in the middle of this fantastic utopia lies a race track that boasts some of the most rolling terrain of any circuit in the United States. With a Laguna Seca style corkscrew, a few fast sweeping turns and one or two passing opportunities, Barber makes for tough work on car and driver.  And the Indycar and Rolex Grand Am series boys and girls found out just how challenging it is this past weekend.

With a new chassis, named in honor of the late Dan Wheldon, and new turbo charged engines, Indycar made for a great show around this incredible track in the heart of Alabama on Sunday afternoon following the previous day’s cracker of a Grand Am race.  Australian driver Will Power eventually held off Scott Dixon for the Indycar Grand Prix of Alabama win.

Enough rambling about the racing, here’s what it looked like from my perspective. First up, photos from the Porsche 250 Rolex Grand Am race on Saturday, March 31, 2012. Following that, the Indycar Grand Prix of Alabama.

A Big thank you to Mike, Phil, Camden, Barber Motorsports Park, Indycar, Grand Am and Rusty’s BBQ for a fantastic weekend!

Weekend Tear Sheets..

 All Images (c) Jamey Price/LAT. All Rights Reserved.

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