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A Monkey with a Knife

It’s Thursday morning driver’s briefing at Mosport (now called Canadian Tire Motorsport Park) in the always lavish Lamborghini hospitality tent. IMSA’s race officials delicately tell the drivers as they sip coffee and take bites of egg and sausage, that  you can think of this track like a “monkey with a knife…..never turn your back on it.” Those kind of words will ruin your appetite quickly. Mosport is fast. It’s got elevation change. It’s got everything you might need to create great racing, but will strike, and strike hard if you don’t respect it.

I am eternally grateful for the family of people I travel and work with each week. They are friends and colleagues. They appreciate what I do. And I appreciate what they do. When life challenges you to stay focused, relying on the people that care is the only way to get you through tough times. Thanks to Nick, Dan, Kevin, Robby, Victor, Chris, Martin, Emily and so many more that made it a fun weekend with too many laughs to count.

Next up: Virginia International Raceway!!

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