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It's been a long time coming. A fresh website. A new look. An integrated blog. A FULLY FUNCTIONAL PRINT STORE, and there is more coming down the road!

In today's fast paced social media driven world where a feed on instagram gets more eyes than a portfolio ever did, a website is maybe archaic. Does anyone even look at a photographers' website anymore? Maybe not. But I'm going to try and change that with regular blog posts, updated content and fresh prints. In fact, this entire month of January (2020), you all have 20% off any print. (use code "JP2020" at checkout.)

Please poke around, find nuances that annoy and all the bugs and beetles that need to be worked out with a fresh website. I cant find them ALL on my own. See something wrong? Shoot me an email ( with a screenshot. I'll be very appreciative.

Special thanks to Cody Barns for helping me get this off the ground and running.

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