Smells like Old Leather

If you’ve ever spent any time around classic cars, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

They have a very distinct smell. Like old leather, years of love and life, miles and miles under the tires, mixed with the pungent smell of diesel. They cough and choke smoke and you can hear every cylinder firing when the engine cranks up.

Now imagine an entire golf course, a world famous golf course at that, covered with old cars. What you get is Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. It’s a ritzy car show for the most famous and prized classic cars to be shown to the world. Millions upon millions upon millions of dollars worth of metal that people are salivating over. The 18th green smells of old leather, diesel fuel, cigars, fish & chips…….and sea otter shit. But that is what makes Pebble Beach very special.

This was my second year going to this prestigious event with Lamborghini. Monterey Car Week, culminating in the above Pebble Beach Concours, is a week of long days, ridiculous cars from all eras, and amazing weather. It’s always a pleasure being front and center when CEO Stephan Winkelmann pulls the wraps off of a new car. And this year, it was a sexy Aventador SV Roadster, in “Le Mans Blue.” But there was a lot more to see than a new Lamborghini. So here is what I saw.