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Two Prancing Horses and a Bull

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

My friends at QC Exclusive magazine and I had a rare opportunity to work with a whole herd of Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s when we teamed up with CAFE (Charlotte Area Ferrari Enthusiasts) a few weekends ago for a scenic drive in the country.

CAFE was started by a local Ferrari owner who wanted to share his love with other Ferrari enthusiasts, and found he was not alone. On one single day, we had near 17 Italian super cars of all shapes sizes, models, years, power trains and colors, show up for our photo shoot. As it turns out, less is more. We quickly learned that corralling nearly 20 accelerator happy sports car owners is much like herding a group of noisy and nimble cats into a cohesive unit. So we regrouped for another afternoon and spent time with three of our favorite cars for a one on one photo shoot that shows you the majesty and beauty that can be found in the curves and color of Italy’s finest at Brooklandwood, home of the Queens Cup Steeplechase, in South Charlotte. All in all, I think it turned out well. Always a learning process.

The entire gallery of photos can be seen HERE. 

Thanks to JP Grice, Brett Barter, Kevin Fielden and CAFE.

All Images © Jamey Price for QC Exclusive. All Rights Reserved.

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