Feeling the Heat

Lamborghini’s world class one make series arrived for it’s first time at Circuit of the Americas and immediately brought the heat. Literally and figuratively. It was hotter than the surface of the sun out there. So hot that one of the drivers even collapsed following our first race of the weekend on Thursday evening. The tremendous temperatures and humidity had us all running for shade whenever we could.

But despite the heat, the series put on a great show for fans. And even with a track as greasy as a New Jersey used car salesman’s hair, they were turning laps much faster than the GT Daytona class in the feature series we support! Once again, we’re reminded that this is no gentleman’s series. Gentlemen drive in it, but the cars are far from pedestrian. They were fun to watch racing around the world class Formula 1 circuit I know so well.

Onward we go to Road Atlanta, my favorite North American race track!

Thanks Lamborghini, Rene, Lexi, Andrea, Chris, Martin, Change Racing, Prestige Performance, O’Gara Motorsport, Joe, Austin, Jeremy and so many others.