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Italians on the High Banks at Kansas

Lamborghini; A brand any car aficionado knows and loves. Their ridiculous super cars are for the rich and famous, and sometimes even they cannot afford one {Veneno anyone?}. So when I got a call a few weeks back asking if I would consider being the photographer for the North American Lamborghini Super Trofeo racing series, I was a little shocked and very humbled. And of course my answer was a resounding “YES.”

Europe and Asia already have well established and successful Super Trofeo series’. But North America was new on the list. The start up series had already run one race at Lime Rock park a few weeks prior, but I would be joining them at Kansas speedway, where together on the same weekend as Grand Am, these sports cars would run 2/3 of the Kansas Speedway oval, then dive into the infield for a short 4 corner sprint back to the banking and back around to the start/finish line.

Though crowds were on the small side, the unique venue made for good racing and a fun atmosphere in the heartland of America.

THANK YOU to Liam, Pete, Ben, the La Storia crew, Kansas Speedway and Lamborghini for a fantastic weekend.

© Jamey Price for Lamborghini 2013

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